Banks Of The Little Miami was born in a little place called Mt. Repose which is located near the picturesque Little Miami River in Ohio.  A poetry and photography site, it soon grew to a degree of international participation.  We have had wonderful submissions from throughout the United States and such parts of Canada as Ontario and Alberta.  We have published some equally exciting work from such faraway places as Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Iran, New Zealand, Australia and Norway.  We are both thrilled and appreciative of the quality of poetry and photography we have been privileged to publish.  The arts are alive and well.

We began publishing in the Autumn of 2003.  Due to somr unforeseen circumstances, we had to cease publishing with our Autumn issue in 2006.  When I returned from a life threatening illness I found thattwo elements of technology had also encountered illness of sorts.  The company I had contracted to provide a server had ceased operation and left the cyber world with no reponse to my request for help.  In a surprising disaster my Mac computer chose this time to give up the ghost after first frying my hard drive.  Too late I learned a valuable lesson about backing up files in a safe place. I even lost my records of email addresses of our artists. 

Welcome to our journal, Banks Of The Little Miami.  We are very pleased to present what we consider some of the most outstanding poetry and photography being created today.  We feel we have a collection of truly meaningful and exciting creative expressions.  You are invited to enter our pages expecting to be made to think and feel.  We have opted to forgo a more glitzy style in order to keep the focus where it belongs, on today's great artists and their work.  Writers and photographers are invited to submit their work for inclusion in future volumes as we continue to expand our mission as a vehicle for intellectual exchange and artistic exploration.

Please note that the spacing, spelling, punctuation, titles and general appearance of poems are exactly as the individual poets intended and are part of the picture they are painting and the mood they wish to create.  Neither Bay Front Press nor the editors of Banks Of The Little Miami make editorial changes.  Furthermore, our policy is to present all of the works of art we accept for publishing in a simple and dignified setting.   Our art speaks for itself and we have found no need to gild the lilly.

In a minor miracle we have been able to recover much of our work and are again fulfilling our promise to publish the fine work we first accepted. Writers and photographers are invited to submit their work for inclusion in future volumes as we continue to expand our mission as a vehicle for intellectual exchange and artistic exploration.

That inspiration might move you to paint your masterpirece

We are interested in poetry that expresses feelings, emotions, thoughts and dreams.  Meter and rhyme are fine things.  We grew up reading tightly crafted works in the classroom.  They hold a special place in the memories of our youth.  However after all is said and done it is the message and the feelings that touch our hearts and minds.  Free form pleases us in special ways also.  We enjoy poems that were scribbled as fast as the muse could ramble...poems you went back to read later and found them so full of misspellings and jumbled thoughts that you had to invoke the muse again for help with the interpretation.  We like to be reminded there is magic in words.

Please send us a poem or two at a time via e-mail and we promise we'll read them with respect and see where they might fit into future issues of our journal.  By sending the poems you are granting us the cyber equivalent of One Time Serial Rights to publish your work over the Internet.  You will retain your copyright and we will notify you if we can have the honor of publishing your work.

You have no doubt noticed that we do not surround the art we feature with glitz or glamour.  What could we add anyway?  No, we display art as if it were in a classy show or museum and keep the focus where it belongs...on the work of art displayed.  At this time we cannot pay for submissions but by the same token we will always remain a non profit operation.  Feel free to join us in this intellectual exchange.  We are currently debating the pros and cons of publishing short stories in the future.

A photograph is a poem on Kodak paper

Please send us a photograph that also says something.  We're looking for composed photos that make us think and feel as much as a good poem does.  Modern technology makes everyone a picture taker but that person becomes an artist when they realize a great photograph is the product of skill, imagination and the desire to say something of depth and feeling.  I have  friends who are photographers in the most artistic sense of the word...genius would be a proper word to describe each.  In my mind's eye I can see them standing on a bluff above an ocean.  Dusk is coming and they are struggling to protect their equipment from the mist blowing toward them as the sun threatens to set.  Suddenly it is time and nature gives the first hint of the colors being mixed on the palette.  There is a flurry of activity as lenses and cameras are adjusted and something is composed that will immortalize the events of the unfolding show.  Send us the photo you are proud of in JPG (jpeg) format and we'll respect it and try to use it with the same terms as we do a poem.

"Meandering Little Miami"
© Copyright Bill Stockland
"Banks Of The Little Miami"