It was a big shop and several people worked making furniture.  For  many years we watched as an old man opened his tool storage locker every morning.  The company supplied the tools but we were each responsible for what we'd been issued.  Every single morning the old man took out a piece of paper and studied its contents for a few seconds.  He repeated the same ritual after the lunch break.  We were all curious as to what great wisdom was on the paper. He appeared to be mumbling what he read.  Theories abounded as to its contents.  I guessed it was some kind of Zen thing or maybe a religious message. He was an excellent carpenter.  It was on a Monday when we were told the old man had suddenly retired and moved to Arizona.  The shop foreman and I were assigned to make the final tally of his tool locker. Everyone gathered around as I located the paper and read its simple message: "Measure twice and cut once" was all it said.

OK, I did briefly work in a furniture factory but I made up the story of the old man. The message is  the best I could give as advice on carpentry.  I sold and gave away almost all of my tools before I moved to Florida.  It was a prophetic move.  Medical side effects have left me in something of a fog at times.  Peripheral neuropathy has made woodworking complicated and difficult.  This realization hit me this week as it took me the better part of a day to install a hand rail along a staircase.  It should have been an easy morning project.

My designs were pretty simple. I built many items not shown here including custom sized kitchen cabinets and furniture for specific needs and spaces. They aren't protected by copyrights, trade marks or any other restrictions.  Feel free to copy them although I suspect they aren't anything very special—hopefully they are utilitarian.  Form without function always seemed like a waste of wood.  I especially enjoyed creating a project using wood left over from another larger project.


Sideboard style custom unit

Pogoda inspired table


Wall unit

Custom wall unit

Custom unit to make use of wastes space

Hall tablewith tapered legs

Mahogany table

Mail unit forinstitution

shop view

Shop view

Shop view

Shaker style bedside  table

Custom shelf and drawer unit fortight space

Mini entertainment unit

Wall  unit with rooltop desk

Secure storage unit for an institution to lock-up tools

I built thisworkshop