The author  has undergraduate degrees  in political science and history.  He  worked in those fields for over 30 years.  He was first published in 1967. He attended Thomas More College and Morehead State University. He has also  received a fellowship to study  at the University of Cincinnati.  He has done graduate work in history at Xavier University.  Not one of these four basketball powers saw fit to offer him even walk-on status.  As a result a curse similar to the ”Curse Of The Bambino” has prevented these schools from winning an NCAA basketball championship although they won 2 before the curse. Bill bristles when it is intimated there is a reason he still has four years of eligibility but he remains willing to don his black high top Converse Chuck Taylors and reintroduce the basketball world to the two handed set shot.  Enjoying the tax advantages of living in a parsonage, Bill is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California. He will not try to sell you an indulgence.  No, Bill will rent you one first to see if you like it.  Bill worked his way through high school, college and several other periods of poverty with several jobs.  Along the way he learned money doesn't buy happiness but poverty isn't effective at achieving it either.  Income during his school and poverty years was acquired by stints as a caddy,  gardener,  insect trapper for the state (seriously), truck driver, plant worker (like a factory, not a house plant), postal worker, store clerk, warehouseman and forklift operator.  There are others but Bill is waiting for the statute of limitations in several states to run out.

Bill was taught and disciplined by nuns in his early years.  Their efforts made later classrooms easy although Bill always seemed to find free time, and idle hands, a bit more than he could handle.  That and the comparative lax discipline of public schools made for a tense situation as Bill walked across the high school graduation stage.  In place of being given a diploma he was certain he would be handed a photo of the principal making an obscene gesture.  To this day the envelope remains unopened.

The author has taught political science, economics, history and natural history.  He has worked closely with elements of the criminal justice system both professionally and as a volunteer.  He has recently served as founder and editor of an international arts journal for 3 years. He has self published  6 books and maintains that a chimp with Microsoft Word and a few dollars can self publish a book.    Proving that a chimp with a WYSIWYG app can clutter even the World Wide Web, he has over 40 websites, some listed at billstocklandphotography.com

Bill has done volunteer work in the field of archaeology and formerly had a part-time business as a custom furniture and cabinet maker. The author has traveled, hitchhiked, backpacked and hiked extensively throughout the "Lower 48" and parts of Canada and Mexico.  Some of the most rewarding trips were solitary hikes in the wilderness.Born in Chicago, he was raised mostly in Ohio and felt most at home during his time in the San Francisco Bay Area and on the road following the Grateful Dead from city to city.  Bill loves music and has attended around a 100 “Dead” concerts (they performed over 70 a year for about 30 years) and has seen  around 75 others in concert ranging from folk to jazz to such rock stars as the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.  He does not sing or play an instrument and the truth be known, he can barely play the radio.
On the more serious side he has taken the vows of a Buddhist Bodhisattva. He has briefly stayed on a "New Age" commune and has spent time in silence on a Trappist Monastery.  He is experiencing hopeful developments in his dealing with Cancer, Diabetes and continued heart “situations” that have caused him to have over a dozen electrocardioversions to shock his heart into rhythm. He currently deals with Parkinson's Disease. Rejecting the fatalism that was taught him as a youth, he still warns those around him that should he defeat all of these maladies there is a chance the building he happens to occupy at the time could have its roof collapsed by a (rare) Pensacola snow storm or a large meteorite.

Bill maintains an interest in politics, religion, religious cults, wildlife photography and sports photography. He was first introduced to photography with a Kodak Brownie box camera in the 50s and later graduated to a Minolta SR.  The advent of digital photography made him, like everyone else, an active photographer.  He estimates he may have taken as many as 100,000 photos in the past 5 or 6 years.  He considers himself a freelance photographer although it has been suggested the term "free lunch" would be more accurate.

Bill has been happily married to the same wonderful person for over 50 years.  They met while each was walking alone in the rain on a college campus.  Bill has been in love with her and the rain ever since.  Bill's reading time has been devoured by the Internet and photography but he still finds time every few years to again read The Myth Of Sisyphus by Albert Camus and On The Road and The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.  He wishes everyone else would do the same. 

Having been retired for over a dozen years from paid employment, Bill now happily and proudly enjoys the freedom of being classified as an "amateur" in everything he now pursues. With this brief bio he also now proudly counts speaking of himself in the third person point of view as proof he is an important person or at least one dripping in hubris or its fellow traveler chutzpah.  He is heartened by the realization that no one will probably read this which is good because he wrote it with himself in mind anyway.  As his memory clears he reserves the right to revise and extend these remarks.  Bill is smiling.  And that's not easy to do with tongue in cheek.